Ecological dyeing solution

Vital is an ecological and responsible dyeing process with less environmental impact. It is compatible with all kinds of materials, which means it can be applied to a wide and diverse base of textiles.

Less CO₂ emissions
into the atmosphere

Water consumption
during the dyeing

Energy consumption
during the dyeing process

300 garments dyed with the Vital process represent the same saving in CO₂ emissions as the CO₂ an adult tree can purify

The Vital dyeing process consumes a 5-litre jug of water less for each garment

The energy saved for each garment in the Vital dyeing process makes it possible to keep a lightbulb on for more than an hour and a half.

Textile dyeing solution for a better world

Vital Earth

Vital Earth is a line of sustainable fabrics respecting the planet based on the use of highly environmentally friendly dyes and the innovative Vital dyeing process that reduces water consumption and the energy used.

Vital Duo

Vital Duo is a special finish based on the Vital environmentally friendly dyeing process but with double-sided colour. This opens up a world of possibilities in looks and washing effects for the final garment.

Vital Print

Vital Print is a print finish based on the Vital ecological dyeing process allowing enriched printing effects for all.